Magical Online Presence!

Its great have the new site live, I would like to thank everyone for their kind comments, I am pleased to be able to communicate in new ways to all concerned – so here is the latest.

Book me to see the most amazing levitation – it works anywhere – I performed it last night in at a private party in a house and the faces before me looked back in shock and amazement, or rather the faces below me (I was about 3 feet of the ground) – to my knowledge I am the only magician working this in Ireland!

It is difficult to get those legs off the ground but well worth it to see the reaction, can’t wait to work this miracle again.

Autumn looms not far off and people begin to party inside again, I look forward to working in homes all over the country over the coming months – who knows it could be your birthday, anniversary or well any excuse, bring it on – I await for your call!

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